The group

A global leader in TV production, distribution and media rights acquisition


Key milestones in our history, through the dissociation from Al Jazeera Media Network, to our current position as a leading global and independent media group

  • Aug 2016

    beIN MEDIA GROUP acquires largest Turkish Pay-TV platform Digiturk.

  • Mar 2016

    beIN MEDIA GROUP completes the acquisition of film and television studio MIRAMAX.

  • Nov 2015

    beIN MENA expand its portfolio to include movies, general entertainment, factual and kids content.

  • Aug 2015

    Launch of beIN SPORTS Spain.

  • Jan 2015

    beIN MEDIA GROUP is host broadcaster, producer and distributor of the 2015 handball World Championship.

  • Dec 2014

    Opening of 2 beIN shops in Doha.

  • Oct 2014

    Launch of beIN SPORTS Australia.

  • Sept 2014

    beIN IP office, the media rights management company, is inaugurated in London.

  • Jan 2014

    beIN MEDIA GROUP is incorporated and becomes the new independent holding company of beIN SPORTS.
    Al Jazeera Sport Channels rebrand to beIN SPORTS.

  • Dec 2013

    Al Jazeera Media Network disassociates itself from all its sports activities.

  • July 2013

    Launch of beIN SPORTS Asia.

  • Aug 2012

    Launch of beIN SPORTS Americas.

  • June 2012

    Launch of beIN SPORTS France.

  • Nov 2003

    Inception of Al Jazeera Sport.


A strategic vision driven by global leaders

  • Nasser Al-Khelaifi


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  • Yousef Al-Obaidly

    Chief Executive Officer

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  • Tareq Zainal

    Executive Director of Human Resources and Financial Affairs

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  • Sophie Jordan

    General Counsel

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  • Ziad Hammoud

    Executive Director of Strategy and Investments

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  • Mohammad Al Subaie

    Executive Director of Commercial Affairs

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  • Mohammed Al Bader

    Executive Director of Brand and Creative

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  • Abdulla Al Bader

    Executive Director of Corporate Services

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  • Israel Esteban

    Executive Director of Technology

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  • Daniel Markham

    Senior Vice President of Content Strategy

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Global Tax Strategy


beIN MEDIA GROUP and its subsidiaries (collectively the “Group”) are a global sports and entertainment media group that carry out TV production, media rights acquisitions and their distribution. The Group broadcasts 60 channels across 5 continents within 43 countries and in 7 different languages.

Governance and Risk Management

beIN MEDIA GROUP is committed to paying the right amount of tax within the timelines set by relevant laws/regulations, in all the jurisdictions in which it operates. beIN MEDIA GROUP seeks to structure its affairs based on sound commercial principles and in accordance with relevant tax legislation.

The importance of commercial needs should in no circumstances override compliance with applicable tax laws. As a matter of practice appropriate external professional and specialist advice is sought. This is particularly so, where there may be areas of uncertainty.

beIN MEDIA GROUP identifies, evaluates and mitigates tax risks. As part of its governance beIN Media Group has established the following in relation to taxation:

Tax function profile

The Tax function falls under the Finance function headed by an Executive Director of the Group. The tax function is led by the Group Head of Tax who is a UK qualified tax professional with the responsibility for management of the Group’s tax affairs. The Group Head of Tax, together with his team, manages and oversees the Group’s tax compliance. This includes and not limited to providing support on tax matters across the Group. The Tax Function is also supported by external tax advisors where appropriate.

Training and development

beIN MEDIA GROUP recognizes the evolving nature of taxation and strongly embraces professional development. The Group Head of Tax ensures that they are up to date through regular professional and industry training. In addition they are charged with responsibility for providing relevant updates and training to wider business functions, as appropriate.

Proactive partnering

We aim to ensure that the business understands the Group Tax Function’s objective of minimizing tax risk and exposure. We have established communication protocols with different business functions and provide education/information as appropriate to ensure that they consider tax and engage with the Group Head of Tax when undertaking transactions and/or making business decisions ensuring tax input is obtained on a timely basis.

Tax controls

Tax matters are proactively managed by the Group’s robust internal business controls and processes. In this regard, the tax function provides appropriate input as part of the approval process for business transactions/proposals to ensure a clear understanding of the tax consequences is established at the outset.

Tax planning

Tax decisions are made in a manner that is consistent with beIN MEDIA GROUP’s business strategy and operations. Appropriate professional advice is sought from external professional firms. Transactions undertaken are driven by the business and commercial needs of the operating business. The advice sought from reputable firms enables us to evaluate both non-tax and tax implications and associated risks.

In its approach to the level of risk in relation to taxation, beIN MEDIA GROUP is not prepared to accept a level of risk that would expose the business to reputational harm.

Relationship with tax authorities

beIN MEDIA GROUP is committed to the principles of openness and transparency in its approach to dealing with the tax authorities wherever we operate around the world. All dealings with the tax authorities and other relevant bodies are conducted in a collaborative, professional, courteous and timely manner.

This document is published in compliance with Paragraph 19(2), Schedule 19, Finance Act 2016 which requires beIN MEDIA GROUP to set out the tax strategy of its UK companies. This global tax strategy covers the entire Group, including the UK entities[1], and applies for financial year end 31 December 2018.

[1] Specifically, from UK perspective covering the UK sub-group of beIN IH Limited and its UK subsidiaries.


4 years old

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