be the difference Internship Program

For Qatari students, beIN MEDIA GROUP offers various training opportunities for those students enrolled with universities based in Qatar to participate in real life experiences and in various available divisions at the Group. Particular attention will be focused on the media sectors at the local and international levels.

The program also serves to enhance the development of the intern’s educational and technical skills, as well as improving the soft skills of the Intern. This will be accomplished by mentoring and supervising the interns during the program and by ensuring that the Intern acquires the necessary skills and work related knowledge that prepares him/her for future professional success.

be the difference Job Shadow Program

beIN MEDIA GROUP Job Shadow Program, is a program where Qatari students are enrolled at one of the universities based in Qatar, and are concurrently allowed to work within a designated activity of the GROUP’s organisational structure. From the Group’s perspective, this is a perfect investment of human resources from both the university side and the Group’s side. In this program, undergraduate Qatari students will “Shadow” (work closely) with an elite Group expert who will mentor and monitor them to ensure the students attain the required knowledge and skills for their assigned role with the expert.

In addition to enhancing the trainees’ skills, the program will seek to assist the trainees in identifying the goals, objectives and options for their professional future.